"... My internet connection is very stable and reliable. The tech support is friendly and is always willing to help me out when I'm not sure what's going on. Highly reccommended!"
- C. Rogers

"... The Canadian Group ISP is great. So much cheaper than the phone company!"
- D. Floyd
Looking for faster, more affordable dial up service? Is high speed internet not available in your area, or just too pricey?
Then The Canadian Group has the answer for you -

We offer accelerated dial up in a variety of packages to fit your needs. Available across Canada and the United States!

All accounts come with the following features:
150 Hours of Access (avg. 5 hours/day)
Up to 10 E-mail Accounts
10 MB of E-Mail Storage
Webmail Access - read your e-mail anywhere!
Anti-Virus E-mail Protection
24/7 Technical Support
Reliable Connection Numbers
Dial-up starting as low as
$12.45 a month!

Monthly, Bi-Yearly and Yearly packages available.
Pre-pay for a year and save

Other Services

Accelerated Internet
Surf Up To 7.3x Faster
No Hardware Required
Built-in Pop-up Blocking
Works with PC and Mac

E-mail and Webmail
Award-Winning WebMail
Multiple E-Mail Accounts
E-mail Virus Protection
Advanced Spam Controls
Custom E-Mail Blocking

Secure Parental Control
23 Categories of Filtration
Most secure form of Filtration
Multiple User Profiles
Helps Protect Your Children